Our Journey

Data Integrated Ltd is a Kenyan founded public transport digital infrastructure company based in Nairobi Kenya that started operations in 2012. Over the last decade, the company has built multiple solutions aimed at digitalisation of public transport, SMEs and the government to improve efficiency, enhance safety as well as commuter experience and service delivery for public mobility. We service over 30 PSV saccos with our speed governors so this conversation can touch on road safety as well.

The company was founded by Mary Mwangi who is a visionary leader and the CEO of Data Integrated Ltd with unwavering commitment to solving critical challenges by developing digital infrastructure to revolutionize Africa's public transport sector.

We are currently testing a Cashless PSV proposition on route 44 in Nairobi with Safaricom, Visa and Cooperative Bank aimed at enhancing efficient use of our limited urban transport infrastructure and help our stakeholders cope with the future public transport demand.

Data Integrated Ltd has built over 10 solutions in the last decade of our operations under the MobiTill brand and custom projects like Intelligent Road Safety Management System for NTSA set to be launched soon. Our company is mostly known in the transport industry for its customized point of sale system device for stage managers connected to a cloud based sacco management dashboard and 2 in 1 speed limiters come with a vehicle tracker and speed governor. We have very good and reliable 24 hour customer support and service guarantee. Our speedlimiters come with a fleet and scheduling system as well as integration to other services that we offer including cashless payments and real time trip planner system.

Our Offices

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Our Leadership Team

Meet our founder

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Mary Mwangi

CEO - Data Integrated Limited

Mary Mwangi, Co-Founder and CEO of Data Integrated Limited, has led the organization's global success in transport and finance for over a decade. Recognized globally, including admission to the World Economic Forum, Mary's strategic vision has driven multiproduct success in Kenya and Rwanda. With roles in data analysis, internal audit, and consultancy, her diverse expertise spans financial technology and comprehensive organizational management.

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Meet the management team

  • Russell

    Russell Akuom - Head of Products

    With over 10 years of experience in digital finance services and telecommunications, Russell is passionate about delivering cutting-edge payments, remittances, and financial solutions for diverse customer segments.

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  • Martin

    Martin Karuga - Head of Enterprise Solutions

    Meet Martin Karuga, a seasoned finance manager and the current Head of Trade and Enterprise Solutions at Data Integrated Ltd. With a profound understanding of data analysis and finance, Martin has established himself as a skilled and talented professional in the industry.

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  • Fauzia

    Fauzia Mwenja - Head, Risk Management

    Head, Risk Management at Data Integrated Ltd Fauzia Mwenja, the Head of Risk Management at Data Integrated Limited, is a seasoned finance and audit professional with over 15 years of diverse experience in the USA and Kenya.

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