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Public Transport in Kenya and Africa enlists a lot of mixed signals. In Kenya they call it Matatu, in Tanzania it’s called DalaDala, in Uganda and Rwanda we have Taxi.

To many, especially the thousands of daily commuters, in the cities, it’s an unavoidable evil. It’s there only way to make it from place to place.

To the owners, it’s an unpredictable business. It’s a game of chances. You are lucky if there is something left for you at the end of the day.

To the authorities, it’s a sector that is necessary, but needs to be reined in. The sector is a big contributor to the economy as it pays taxes, economically supports a massive ecosystem and ensures goods and people arrive at destinations.

To the employees of the sector—the drivers and conductors—it’s their lifeline. They use the proceeds from their work in the industry to put food on the table, take children to school and pay medical bills.

Then there is everyone else. Chaos, they say. Matatu Industry is often synonymous with lawlessness. The challenges are myriad, ranging from safety and security, fraud and bribery, cash leakages, discipline issues, traffic jams and disorganization at bus terminus and various stages.  The sector also lacks formal structures of payments either within themselves or to employees.

The sector is a mixed bag.

But at Data Integrated we did not see mayhem. We say Opportunity. The POSSIBILITY to Make BETTER.

And so for three years we toiled day and night to crack the perfect solution. Through relentlessly working with the sector-as we believe change is best engineered from within—we came up with a perfect solution.

MobiTill Epesi is a smart public transport solution that addresses daily operational challenges with innovative and efficient transportation management solutions. Our fully customizable solution helps reduce operational costs and improve services. We achieve this through flexible payment methods, giving a single view of bus operations at any time and improving customer experience.

The solution addresses the challenges in the public transport industry in the below ways:


Sacco Management

  • Member Registration
  • Fleet Management
  • Member Fee Payments
  • Savings deposits
  • Loans and credit management

Fleet Management

  • Online Tracking Dashboard
  • Android App
  • GPS Tracking
  • Bus Scheduling
  • Reroute Busses
  • Geo-fencing
  • Speed Alerts
  • Bus crew Authentication

Ticketing Solution

  • Passenger Counting Cameras
  • Issue Tickets
  • Real time view of revenue
  • Keep track of revenue
  • End of Day Reports
  • Tap & Pay Card Payments
  • Multiple Payments
  • Customer App to Book Trips

Passenger Security

  • Security Cameras
  • Monitor and approve crew
  • Real time reports

Passenger Apps & Cards

  • Epesi Tap & Pay card
  • Interoperable payments
  • Customer App to Book Trip
  • Certified using international standards

Payroll Integration

  • PAYE collection
  • Electronic Deposits
  • NHIF and NSSF collection
  • Instant Pay slips
  • SMS & email notifications

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We started by piloting the solution to ensure that we provide the very best to our clients. Since then we have had remarkable growth as below:

3000 BUSES

Serviced By 80 Devices


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