Data Integrated launches the first matatu scheduling solution in Nairobi

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Fleet Managers in Public Transport have a new assistant in town; Epesi Trip Planner.

Data Integrated has developed the first of its kind bus scheduling solution, Epesi Trip Planner.

It cuts hours of tedious manual processes as now the whole process is done through a mobile phone and a control centre at the bus company offices.

We understand how complex it is to manage a large number of fleets, many owned by different owners, using different routes and with numerous drivers & conductors that have various shifts. The Epesi Trip planner, was developed with the local public transport problems in mind, and it is flexible and easy to use.  We piloted the solution with one of the biggest bus companies in the City, City Shuttle Bus Company, with great success.

This solution will assist you with the below all in real time:

  • Queuing the fleets.
  • Planning the routes.
  • Mapping fleets
  • Managing rides
  • Managing drivers and conductors.

So sign up today- It’s this easy:

  • FIT vehicles with MobiTill Epesi Trackers.
  • ACESS dashboard screen from the office.
  • DOWNLOAD: App from play store.
  • CLICK AWAY: Access and use platform in the field.
  • REPORT: Access real-time reports.

Why use Epesi Trip Planner?

  • Fully customizable to your needs.
  • Easy to use features.
  • Around the clock support.
  • Seal cash leakages.
  • Pay for only what you use.


Epesi Trip planner is a part of full transport system, targeted at Bus Owners and Matatu Sacco Management that has helped Sacco’s and fleet owners to gain more revenue from their business.

The solutions are Sacco Management and Bus Revenue Management. The solutions include; Sacco operations Management, Ticketing, Fleet Management, Passenger Security system, Passenger Counting Systems and Mapato payroll targeted at public transport employees.