World Economic Forum recognises DIL Solutions on Integrity

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Data Integrated has been listed by the World Economic Forum as one of the industry voice in Africa that provides solutions that are fighting against corruption.The World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) recently launched the next phase of the Tech for Integrity platform. Technology has emerged as the most powerful and exciting tool to confront corruption on a global scale.

Data Integrated was a finalist from last year’s Tech for Integrity Challenge. Our work resulted in us being listed on the WEF platform (

The Tech for Integrity platform aims to accelerate the impact of anti-corruption activities by bringing together solution providers with key stakeholders from government, business and civil society. The platform provides three engagement spaces designed to accomplish this mission:

  • Synergy lab: The synergy lab will help government, business and civil society leaders identify their specific needs and connect them with the innovators who are providing the most appropriate technology solutions.
  • Knowledge accelerator: Driven by public-private cooperation, the knowledge accelerator is a dynamic digital repository of information, which aims to foster communication and collaboration to deepen understanding of how technologies can better address corruption.
  • Impact initiatives: The impact initiatives space allows the community to develop best practices, evaluate existing implementation projects, and directly and engage with projects to demonstrate how trust and integrity can be fostered through the use of the right solutions in government and business.

In 2017, World Economic Forum Strategic Partners – led by Citi and supported by Clifford Chance, Facebook, IBM, MasterCard, Microsoft, Let’s Talk Payments, PwC as well as 80+ Allies and Contributors – singled out 96 global T4I Innovators whose technologies can substantively transform efforts to mitigate the above vulnerability points and build trust and integrity back into systems.

Utilize the T4I Synergy Lab to search by region and/or vulnerability point to find the T4I innovator with solutions matching your needs.