s-Transport by MobiTill™

What is MobiTill™ Smart-Transportation (s-Transport)?

A solution that integrates:

1. An end-to-end system of Biometric Scanners, Cameras, Bus trackers, Sensors
2. Machine Learning Algorithms and Data Analysis

Public Transport Infrastructure in Kenya is Suffering

Security Challenges

☉ Safety of passengers is not ensured

Traffic & Unsafe Bus Driving

☉Unreliable Service – Transport not driven by data or analytics
☉Bus Street Parking, Disorganization, Lack of Scheduling, Improper queuing

Nairobi Public Transport

What is the challenge?

Public transport system lacks:

  • Accountability
  • Financial Transparency
  • Sound Management
  • Safe & Reliable Service
  • Orderly Parking and Bus Scheduling

Corrupt Police & Payment Fraud

☉ Money from collection points is lost
☉ No Financial Transparency or Accountability

No Automated Payroll for Bus Employees

☉ Law mandating automation of payments not easily enforceable
☉ Full taxes not collected from Public Transportation Sector

The Solutions

Challenges: Security & Corruption

DI Solution:
360° CCTV captures and counts people coming on bus
✔ Monitor & allow approved drivers & conductors on bus.
✔ See police demanding bribes
✔ Dissuade pickpocketing, hijacking, other crime

Challenges: Gridlocked Traffic & Unsafe Bus Driving

DI Solution:
✔ GPS Vehicle Tracking & speed detectors

✔ Real-time reports & Customizable analytics

✔ Know vehicle location at all times
✔ Know real-time data from each bus
✔ Vehicle can be tracked by owner/office manager from mobile or PC
✔ Access the real time reports (Dashboard)  at any time
✔ Optimize bus business with our customizable analytics

Challenge: No Automated Payroll

DI Solution:
✔ DI’s MobiTill Mishahara Payroll System
✔ Our customizable Payroll and Inventory Control System
✔ Integrate with s-Transport and other services based on your needs
✔ Tax collection from transport sector
✔ Transport staff have access to mandated NHIF insurance

MobiTill™ S-Transport Features

  • Ticketing/Payment
  • Payroll
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Counting System
  • Tracking with Maps (GPS)
  • Mobile App
  • Inventory Control
  • Business Analytics
  • Realtime Reports(Dashboard)
  • Tracking with Maps (GPS)

Benefits for Customers

  • Increased Safety
  • Faster payments and reliable bus service
  • Receipts and automated payments

Benefits for Transport employees

  • Access to social security benefits
  • Access to NHIF
  • Secure income
  • Record of creditworthiness

Benefits for bus owners

  • Efficient bus management by bus owners
  • Increase financial accountability
  • 60-80% average increase in profits