MobiTill Mishahara

Employee Payment Records

Auto-payment to Bank & Mpesa


Auto-generated Payslips

A Payroll system that aims to streamline and automate the process of paying a company's employees.

Automated Payroll

You set automated transfer to your employees’ Bank or Mobile Money account

Tax collection

The solution generates calculation of taxes on revenue and automates the collection of NHIF, NSSF and PAYE

Employees’ notification

Payslips are auto-generated by the system and sent directly to employee via email or message


Employees’ payment records are stored in the database month after a month for tractability


Easy to use for management and employees. Better accountability and reliability, simple, fast and effective. The all-in-one payroll automation solution for all businesses.

MobiTill Mishahara

Yet another original creation of Data Integrated, MobiTill Mishahara is an application that benefits both employees and management by creating an easy to use, simple but effective platform that everyone can enjoy using. With automatic NHIF, NSSF and PAYE calculation and deductions, preparation of payslips could never be easier. The click of a button is all you need and payslips for everyone in the system are automatically created and sent to their emails and/or messaging. From there, you can download the payslip attachment and you are good to go. Watch the video to get an overview of how Mishahara works.

Why Mishahara?

✔ Automated payroll system
✔ Secure and Reliable
✔ Time and cost effective
✔ Easy and accurate calculations
✔ Tax updates
✔ Self service and easy access
✔ Fully customized reports
✔ In-built internal controls
✔ Great customer support

Features of Mishahara

✔ Employment payment records
✔ Tax updates
✔ NHIF auto-calculator
✔ NSSF auto-calculator
✔ PAYE auto-calculator
✔ Printable Payslips
✔ Printable P9 forms
✔ Auto – payments to Banks
✔ Auto – payments to Mpesa