MobiTill Bar & Restaurant

MobiTill Bar and Restaurant System is an innovative product that increases payment efficiency by integrating different modes of payments into a single processing platform. It integrates the use of android system in conjunction with MobiTill point of sale device.

Benefits of the System

✔ Order requests made easy
✔ Provides staff accountability
✔ Order request receipts
✔ Payment receipts
✔ Daily Reports

How It Works

For the system to work, a bar/restaurant requires a tablet and a POS device. The device connects through Ethernet ports, and the android tablet through WIFI. While making an order, a staff member logs in, each member is provided with a password. After successful login, the member proceeds to make an order. They will select the product according to the request and proceed to checkout. At checkout, the order is sent from the system to the POS device. The device will print out two receipts. One is the order request receipt showing the order, and the other is for the customer after payment.